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ICO Advisory 

We provide services to help your company launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
What is an ICO?

ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) have became a popular way for companies to fund blockchain projects.

In an ICO a projects sells a portion of crypto-tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies. Sometime the token being sold are part of a new blockchain, but increasingly, projects are lunching 'meta tokens' built on Ethereum. The tokens can entitle holders to a portion of profits or fees, be an exclusive means of payment for a new application, or serve utility functions such as paying for a processing time.


ICO  Campaigns are conducted online, much like crowdfunding campaigns. There are no requirements for a projects MUST provide, BUT at a minimum, most projects offer a website, a white paper, multiple social media accounts, and several active online forums. Each projects has a different approach to pricing their tokens, and almost all have bonuses for early participants. Participant funds are usually collected via a multi-signature wallet or cryptocurrency exchange account. Third party escrow providers can be responsible for releasing funds.


Token sales share elements of other fundraising methods, but they also differ in key ways. Generally a token sale has the fundraising campaign of a crowd sale, the product maturity of an early stage angel or Venture Capital (VC) investment, and the offering of something tradable akin to an initial public offering (IPO)

ICOs have rapidly grown to account for more startup funding in blockchain-based companies than all pf Venture Capital. To date, nearly $8 billion has been raised via ICOs, with the large majority of that taking place in the first half of 2017

What can we do for you ?
Corporate and Investment Advisory

ZH Capital maintains a diverse investor base to begin pre-sale investment and ensure liquidity when listed.  Upon Blockchain Global's audit of your whitepaper, we will structure a targeted investor book via our 50,000+ strong investor network.  Access to our network of high quality, globally respected lead investors, from across the Pacific and Asia, can lend further credibility to your ICO and public ICO documents, which will directly increase liquidity in your tokens upon listing on exchanges.

Tech Due Diligence and Consulting

Technical whitepaper due diligence, smart contract auditing, developer support and technical guidance to prepare your Blockchain company for its ICO. Enjoy the direct support of the deal managers and development team in one of Asia’s most successful Blockchain businesses, Blockchain Global.

Marketing and Promotional Materials

Working closely with the Blockchain Global team to develop best-in-class token marketing documents, and pairing this with Blockchain Globals’ diverse group of ICO PR partners to tailor the message to different investor classes and international hubs.

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